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Volunteer Spotlight | Jenn Stocks

Volunteer Spotlight | Jenn Stocks

In what way do you serve at Creekside?

I work in the sound booth, either on the sound board or on projection.  I’ve always loved music, and specifically our worship leaders’ music, but I do not have the talent to be a performer.  A few years ago, I discovered that the teams usually rehearsed prior to service on Sunday mornings so I began coming early and helping set up the ballroom (back when we were still over there).  This way, I got to listen to the music that was going to be played during the service, and I got to watch the teams work out the details! When we moved into the new building, I expressed interest in learning the sound board and the projection because I was not needed for chair set-up anymore.  Now, I feel like I actually participate in the music when I run sound…I’m not just passively listening. I have found a love for sound mixing, and I am thinking of taking some classes to get better at it!!!
Why do you think that area of service is important to be a part of?
When I started learning the sound board, I felt like I was part of the worship teams, even though I can’t sing well or play any instruments!!!  I love music and I love technology, so it was a natural progression. Also, if we did not have someone mixing the sound, the music and speakers would not sound as great as they do!!    As for the Projection side of the sound booth, Steve likes to keep me on my toes.  It also keeps me actively listening to the sermons! I just like having something to do while listening to the person teaching.
What motivated you to start serving?
Honestly, I just sort of fell into it because of the music.  Now I get to church at 7:00am every Sunday morning, whether I am working or not.  I like to take my time to set up the stage, or straighten up the chairs, or make sure the slides are all set.  I like the quiet time before everyone gets there to reflect on and pray for various friends, acquaintances, situations…I usually wander around and think about people who sit in the chairs while I straighten them or while I’m on the stage fiddling with the set-up.  It’s definitely one of my most cherished parts of my week. I am not a morning person, but I get up over an hour earlier than I do for work just to be there early on Sundays.
What has God done in your own heart and life through serving the body in this way?
I could go into great detail about this, but I’ll try to keep it less than novel length.  Through the music at the church, I formed a dear friendship with Jeremy Nettrouer and his family.  I became part of the missional community they were a part of, led by Jon White. After the multiplication of our group, I went with Jacob Stoutenburg and Jeremy’s family, and we continued to grow as a group and live life together.  When Jacob got his new job, and his time became unpredictable, Jeremy and Amie took over leadership of the group. With a goal of community outreach and a solid foundation of Jesus, our group has continued to grow and bond into a good core group of people, with other people always coming and going as their lives allow.  My most transformative time, as well as the most transformative time for a lot of us in the group, was when Steve taught through Romans…specifically through Romans 7 and 8. During those months, many of us in the group were convicted to share our most shameful sins, and each of us were met with compassion, love, and support that I had never felt before.  It was through this time, through this community, through this church, that I finally understood why Fellowship was so important. I truly learn how to be a Christian and how to live a Gospel-led life through all my friends at Creekside. It is through this time when I made the decision to be baptized again, understanding the full meaning of what it meant.  Not a day goes by without me talking to or thinking about my church family. It has honestly changed my life.
What are the ways you’ve seen God work in this specific ministry at Creekside?
The main thing I’ve seen working with the worship teams is the Grace and Love that is given to one another in the times of struggle…whether it be with a song, with one’s health, or something else.  However, the main thing I have seen is how my involvement in the church, my dedication to Sundays and (usually) Thursdays, has made me a more Gospel-Centered person. I have witnessed and experienced more in the last three or four years than I have in the prior forty years of my life.  Through my missional community, through my friend’s testimonies, through living life together, through being “open and broken” with one another…I am finally leading a Christian life. It’s sometimes difficult, but, overall, it’s getting easier to put God first in my life.