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Who We Are

Who We Are

At the core of who we are is the simple truth that we are a community.

The church is meant to be a community of people that is unlike any other. It is one that forms around our faith in Jesus, and it one that is being transformed by him. For that reason, the gospel (the message of who Jesus is and what he has done for us) is central to everything we do. We never outgrow our need for it. As we live committed to him together, we believe he creates something rich, deep, and transformative in us.

These aren’t just empty religious words to us. As imperfectly as we pursue Jesus and what he asks of us, we do it genuinely. Following him can sometimes be painful as he brings healing to some of our deepest places. It can get messy as we learn to lay aside all of those things that divide us in order to unify around him.

True community is costly, but Jesus paid the ultimate price for it by laying down his life.

We believe it is worth the cost to follow him in doing the same.

What We Believe

The central message of the Bible is the person and work of Jesus Christ—and the announcement of his work (the Gospel) is the power that is forming us as his people. We desire to teach it with simplicity, clarity, and love, with the expectation that God will use his Word to bring us life. We consider it a privilege to be part of the long line of those that have faithfully held and taught the word of God throughout history…
Creekside Community Church

Our Story

Creekside began in June of 2002 with just a handful of families meeting in a living room. We met as everyday people, sent out by our church, going about our jobs and simply seeking to be faithful to who God has called his church to be and what he has called us to do. One of the illustrations that the Bible uses to describe the church is that of family, and we began as family and we trust that if…