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Missional Communities

Missional Communities

As important as our Sunday gatherings are, Missional Communities at Creekside form the foundation of our life together. We believe that a life of following Jesus and joining his work isn’t meant to be done on our own but in community.

Our Missional Communities are small groups of men and women who take responsibility to help each other follow Jesus and to make the truth of what he has done for us known to others. Sometimes we study together, or serve together, or pray together, or grieve together, or play together. Missional Communities are more than an event; they are people partnering with each other to follow Jesus, to care for each other, and to accomplish his purpose in this world. Joining together in that kind of partnership is so much harder than just a program—it exposes our own need for Jesus every day.

Our desire for convenience is one of the obstacles to experiencing true community. Jesus told us that the requirement to follow him was that we each have to “carry our own cross.” The cross speaks of his call to lay down our lives for his sake and the sake of others. We are to die to everything we cling to for life besides him. Our Missional Communities are groups of people learning what it means to do this. It is the cross, not convenience, that is the foundation of our Missional Communities. This life is costly, but we believe it is worth it.

To learn more, or to get plugged in, reach out to Aaron at aaronr@creeksidemac.com.