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Our Story

Our Story

Creekside began in June of 2002 with just a handful of families meeting in a living room. We met as everyday people, sent out by our church, going about our jobs and simply seeking to be faithful to who God has called his church to be and what he has called us to do.

One of the illustrations that the Bible uses to describe the church is that of family, and we began as family and we trust that if you come and visit us, you feel, in some ways, that you are simply joining us in our living room again.

After outgrowing the living room, we began meeting in the Yamhill ESD district offices over by Lowes. (Now Willamette ESD) We continued to meet there for a few years and eventually moved to the McMinnville Grand Ballroom on 3rd street in McMinnville where we stayed for about 14 years.

When it became clear that we were outgrowing the Ballroom, we began pursuing purchasing our own space to gather in. We had three main priorities. First, we wanted to increase our space to accommodate our growing family. Second, we wanted to remain downtown, not wanting to be separated from our city but remain in the heart of it. Lastly, we wanted to keep our costs the same. As we began looking, God provided the McMinnville Elks Building which we were able to purchase, renovate, and have met in since the Spring of 2018.

God has carried us in all the ups and downs of this journey of following him and has changed us along the way. Where we find ourselves today has surprised us. We are so thankful for the churches that have encouraged and supported us along the way, we owe a debt to Petersburg Bible church in Petersburg, Alaska who provided accountability and counsel at the very beginning. We continue to remain connected to other churches today through the Crossway Network.

Whatever the days ahead hold, we know that God is faithful to his plan of redemption in Jesus, he is faithful to his people, and that he is completely trustworthy as we follow him.