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Being part of a church is more than just showing up at a meeting once or twice a week. Instead, it is being part of a community – a community that is committed to following Jesus in everything we do.

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If you are interested in serving at Creekside, we’d love to help you find the right fit.

Missional Communities are small groups at Creekside that partner together to follow Jesus and make him known to others. If you’re interested in being a part of a Missional Community, reach out to Aaron at aaronr@creeksidemac.org

Contact Information


Ed Erion
Jean Erion
Leanne Hays
Jim Jacot


Paul Betts
David Hays
Steve Mansour


Leanne Hays | financials/office oversight | leanne@creeksidemac.com
Sherri Janzen | administration | sherrij@creeksidemac.com
Jake Johnson | student ministries | jakej@creeksidemac.com
Steve Mansour | teaching/leadership | steve@creeksidemac.com
Cori Neubauer | Sunday gatherings | corin@creeksidemac.com
Aaron Reid | missional communities | aaronr@creeksidemac.com
Hannah Reid | administration | hannahr@creeksidemac.com