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Going Deeper

Going Deeper

The Symptoms of Our Heart’s Condition

  Sunday, July 22 @ 4pm – Fever of 100.2 F. No significant change in mood or behavior. Slightly fussy. Maybe teething.   Monday, July 23 @ 7:30am – No fever. Overall happy and normal behavior.   Monday, July 23 @ 1:30pm – Woke up from afternoon nap with dry cough. Has raspy voice. No fever.   Monday, July 23 @ 7:45pm – Trouble sleeping. Dry, barking cough. No fever. Still has raspy voice. Seems uncomfortable. It was at this…

Why Our Funnel Hearts Need Galatians

Every night, we do battle with our two young boys about how bedtime works and what our expectations for their behavior is.  It’s baffling, actually, how quickly it seems that Atticus, our 4-year-old, can forget what is and what isn’t acceptable behavior after he’s been tucked in.  I’m amazed at how he seems to think that pushing the mattress off his bed to make a giant slide might be okay even though the night before we made it very clear…