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A healthy, mature church should have a culture of growth in which a diverse group of people serve God and one another in unity and love.

Foundational to all of this is the work of leadership which equips the church with the truth of God’s word so that each member can grow in knowing Jesus and point one another to him. We have several ministries that are meant to equip the church body.

Missional Communities

Missional Communities

As important as our Sunday gatherings are, Missional Communities at Creekside form the foundation of our life together. We believe that a life of following Jesus and joining his work isn’t meant to be done on our own but in community. Our Missional Communities are small groups of men and women who take responsibility to help each other follow Jesus and to make the truth of what he has done for us known to others. Sometimes we study together, or…


Black Eagle The Black Eagle was the name of the tavern that Martin Luther and his associates frequented as they encouraged one another in the ministry of the Word as God used them to restore the church to the centrality of the gospel – that we are saved by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone. Martin Luther, in his irreverently witty way, said this about how God used them: “I simply taught, preached, and wrote God’s Word; otherwise…


We are a group of women who desire to love and serve Jesus and his church by: Cultivating confidence in the gospel and its power to change us and those around us, Connecting each other in meaningful relationships to magnify Jesus in ourselves and to a watching world, and Caring for one another and our neighbors in genuine love. The Women of Creekside meet regularly to that end. For more information visit our events page or email info@creeksidemac.com.


Creekside’s youth ministry exists to… We have two regular gathering times as a youth group. GROWTH GROUPS A gathering of 6th-12th graders for Christian friendship and mentorship to grow within a gender and age-specific small group setting. Growth Groups occur on the 1st & 3rd Sundays of the month after our Sunday morning services from 11:45am-1:30pm and are led by two adult leaders of the same gender. A typical Growth Group gathering includes a whole group game to kick things…
Creekside Community Church


Creekside is actively involved in strategic church planting endeavors through both local and overseas missions. We believe that the good news of Jesus brings people into right relationship with God and it calls them into a community where that message can be demonstrated. This community, the church, is both the agent and the aim of true missional activity. Care for McMinnville As those that belong to Jesus, we don’t exist for ourselves, but for others. Jesus put it this way,…