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Re-Gathering and Live-Stream Information

Re-Gathering and Live-Stream Information

Our services will be moving to an outdoor location on August 9th at 10 am.  If you would like to attend please pre-register by clicking here.  Our live stream service can be found at https://creeksidemac.online.church/.  
We know that you may have questions regarding some of the safety precautions we’ve taken as we gather together as a church.  Our goal is to meet or exceed all of the Governor’s guidelines for us as a church.  For our indoor services we had previously released this frequently asked questions document to explain our processes. Since that was produced the Governor has added additional requirements around mask wearing and we comply with those as well.  Our outdoor services will provide some additional flexibility in that area, and we are asking everyone who attends to fully follow the Governor’s guidance out of our understanding of how God ordains and uses our governing leaders (see 1 Peter 2:12-17).  Peter summarizes his teaching with these words in verse 17:

Honor all people,
love the brotherhood,
fear God,
honor the king.

We have sent out quite a bit of additional communication to our church family to help prepare them to re-gather in a way that demonstrates a devotion to the Lord, a love for others, and a willingness to honor the governing leaders that God has placed over us.  Please email info@creeksidemac.com if you have specific questions that we haven’t addressed.
Thank you!