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May 31 Discussion Questions

May 31 Discussion Questions

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The King and Mission 

Application Questions 

What stood out to you, was there anything that impacted your understanding of God, humanity, or yourself? 
Do you believe that Jesus gave up everything for you? If so, how are we to respond to him? 
Israel wanted to look like other nations rather than God. What are some ways that we want to look more like the world rather than God? How does this play out in our everyday life, extracurricular activities, leisure time? How do our calendars, and wallets reveal our desires?   
How does the Glory of God affect our perspective of Missions? How does recognizing that Jesus is the perfect missionary sent for us affect how we understand and engage with our neighbors? 
There is a pattern in Babel and in Jerusalem, the people chose to stay together instead of multiply out. How are we as individuals, families and as a church body tempted to do the same? Why is it essential that the gospel  
In what ways can we be tempted to build a name for ourselves? How does this play out in our work, families, church activities, or hobbies? How does the gospel correct this? 
Jesus gave the directions of going to Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth. In what ways can we as individuals, families, and as a church, carry on in reaching McMinnville, and the surrounding area (i.e. Dayton, Amity, Newberg, Salem, Portland,) and the Nations? 
Our current situation with COVID-19 is very unique. In what ways does this encourage or discourage our call for multiplication.