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The Table Project

The Table Project

I have been getting some questions about “The Table” and how it will be used as a tool for us as God’s people here at Creekside.  True growth of any church, is in part, accomplished through the teaching of the Word of God.  Yet, that teaching isn’t meant to just be accomplished in our corporate meetings, but is to reverberate or ripple throughout the church community as the truth is spoken in the context of daily life.  Each and every member of the people of God, the church, is to learn the truth and then speak it to each other (Ephesians 4:14-16). This in turn causes the “growth of the body for the building up of itself in love” (v.16).
This process of speaking truth assumes a certain level of relationship and community between us as God’s people.   That’s where The Table comes in.  They do a great job of explaining it here in a video that they’ve produced.  The Table is an online tool designed to connect us relationally with one another.  Here are several ways that The Table will help us as a community, and as such help us be more effective in accomplishing God’s purpose:

  • As people sign-up, provide profile information, and a photo, it will provide a photo directory of the people at Creekside so you can look on the table and say “Oh, that’s what their name is!”.
  • It provides a way for people to share prayer requests and praises–and an easy way to let people know you are praying for them in the Prayer App. You can even schedule the prayer app to remind you to pray on a recurring basis. Eventually we would like this to replace our textcaster service because it allows our community to share their requests with each other without someone serving as a “middle man.” In addition, it would be a cost savings to the church since The Table is free–a gift to the church.
  •  It gives us the opportunity to demonstrate the grace, generosity, and love of Christ through the Serve App. There you can post items that you are willing to let others borrow, you can post things you are giving away, and you can also use it to ask for help on something and offer help to others.
  • It allows our groups a forum to communicate in. Sub-groups can be created, such as Youth or Women’s Ministry and the Table allows discussions and communications to be sent to the groups.

Ultimately, however, none of it is going to work unless people in our community use it as a tool. I have several great tools that simply sit in my garage taking up space. It will take some time to get a “critical mass” of people signed up, but why not? Help us live as God’s people for his purposes!