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Posts from November 2018

Posts from November 2018

Safe Families for Children

Life is unpredictable. We never know what God has in store for us. We all face crisis moments. There are times where it may feel like our families are barely holding together. Maybe it’s a prolonged season of depression. Maybe it’s the loss of a family member. Maybe it’s an illness or a loss of a job. These crisis moments force us to reach out for help. We call our parents and have them watch our kids for the weekend.…

6 Things To Remember This Voting Season

It’s no secret that American politics have become more and more polarized, sensationalized, and adversarial over the past few presidential election cycles.  With the mid-term elections fully upon us, things don’t seem to be improving. I find it easy for us to drift between two extremes. We often become disenchanted and disengage, or we fight for change and get caught up in the inflammatory debate that seems so normal around us.   The early church was no stranger to the…