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Safe Families for Children

Safe Families for Children

Life is unpredictable. We never know what God has in store for us. We all face crisis moments. There are times where it may feel like our families are barely holding together. Maybe it’s a prolonged season of depression. Maybe it’s the loss of a family member. Maybe it’s an illness or a loss of a job. These crisis moments force us to reach out for help. We call our parents and have them watch our kids for the weekend. We ask a church friend to get coffee with us to encourage and pray for us. We ask for help and we see our families and our church body meet our needs in surprising and beautiful ways.
Now, imagine you didn’t have your brothers and sisters at Creekside. Imagine you were completely disconnected from your extended family. Imagine you had a long list of acquaintances, but no community to support you through a period of crisis. You are alone. You are overwhelmed. You are drowning.
We all have been blessed by God to call the people at Creekside our family. Many of us have been blessed with amazingly supportive and caring family members and friends. God has been so good to us. So, let’s be good to others. Let’s bless our county with the love we have been given. Let’s support people in our community who need a family and be that family for them. Let’s take the love of Christ that fills Creekside and spill it into the lives of complete strangers in our community expecting nothing in return.
So, how can we practically do that? One easy answer to that question is get involved in “Safe Families for Children”. By volunteering, you will hear of families in crisis and you will be able to use the skills and resources you have to meet needs. You may host children for a short period of time because the parents need a break. You may deliver a homemade meal to a despairing family. You may help repair a broken down car. You may take a single mom out to lunch and brighten her day with encouragement and prayer.
If the Lord is leading you to use the time, energy, ability, and resources He has given you in this way, then keep reading to find out information about how Safe Families works and how you can get involved.
How Safe Families Works

How You Can Get Involved
One of the first steps I would recommend is learning more about Safe Families through their website by clicking here. You can watch videos of how Safe Families and local churches have supported families by clicking here. Also, you can email or call the Safe Families office in McMinnville to learn more. Their email is safefamilies@lcsnw.org and their number is 503-472-4020. Another great way to hear more about how Yamhill County’s chapter of Safe Families is supporting our community is by signing up for the eNewsletter by clicking here.
After learning more about Safe Families, you will discover that there are four different ways you can serve families in crisis. If you decide to fill one of these roles, then you complete the appropriate application (links below). Please text or email Tina or I to let us know that you have signed up and we can inform the Safe Families coordinator for Yamhill county of your interest. Tina’s number is 541-399-4366 and her email is christinajohnson@corban.edu. My number is 541-490-5506 and my email is jacobjohnson@corban.edu.

  1. Be a host family and voluntarily take in children for short periods of time. Click here to learn more. Click here to complete the application.
  2. Be a family friend and provide support to families in crisis and respite to host families. Click here to learn more. Click here to complete the application.
  3. Be a family coach and help families in crisis reach their goals. Click here to learn more. Click here to complete the application.
  4. Be a resource friend and provide tangible support through goods and services. Click here to learn more. Click here to complete the application.

Note: If you plan on completing an application, skip any “staff” portion or “circle of support” portion in the application.