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Volunteer Spotlight | Jackie Leonard

Volunteer Spotlight | Jackie Leonard

In what way do you serve at Creekside?
I serve in Nursery 2 and Pre-K Sunday School, and I have also had the opportunity to help Sean and Leanne with some administrative tasks. I work with scheduling the Safety Team, I order the quarterly materials for the Sunday School classes, and I update the Sunday School rosters and track attendance. I help with some maintenance in the Breeze system, too: reviewing and approving new newsletter or directory submissions and entering the schedules for the cleaning, Sunday School, and safety teams into the calendar so volunteers get a text or email reminder the week they are serving. I work from home and I’m on the computer quite a bit, so being able to help in that capacity was really ideal for me and helped free a few people up to focus on other things.
Why do you think that area of service is important to be a part of?
The children’s ministry is so vital for both the kids and their parents. Thanks to all of the willing volunteers, parents are able to listen to the Word knowing that their children are in capable hands and are in classes that are Christ-focused.  I have a four year old son and a two year old daughter, so serving in nursery and pre-k was a way I could give back to the ministries that were serving my own children.
On the admin side, there is so much work that goes into keeping things flowing and organized. We might not notice all of the little things that get done every week, but we would definitely notice them if they were missing! Having the opportunity to help with a few things in this ministry has given me a new appreciation for the amount of work that goes on behind-the-scenes. I am extremely thankful for the people who keep it all running for the benefit of the body as a whole.
What motivated you to start serving?
Growing up, my parents were always the first to jump in and help wherever it was needed, no matter what. I’ve always tried to follow their example and serve in any way I am able as I’ve been a part of different church bodies. We are given strengths and we are given seasons, and God was faithful to me in providing some opportunities to serve that fit both. Serving in the children’s ministry was something my husband, Zack, and I both wanted to do so we signed up for that soon after joining Creekside. I hadn’t really thought about helping with admin work, but when we were sitting in on the Sunday School training, they needed someone to upload a Google Doc for the volunteers. I offered to do it and that opened the door to some other areas where help was needed and it grew from there.
What are some ways you’ve seen God at work in this specific ministry at Creekside?
I’ve seen His faithfulness to fill needs. I love seeing people jump to help in on every one of these ministries when substitutes are needed. It’s been really fun to see everyone’s strengths come to the forefront when the Sunday School leadership team is working on something and the ideas start coming in from every angle to find a solution. It’s a reminder that it takes heads, hands, feet, legs, arms, and every other part of the body coming together in their different ways to make things work for His glory.
What has God done in your own heart and life through serving the body in this way?
I think serving in a new capacity is always a lesson in humility! 😊There are learning curves and lots of opportunities to be given grace, and I’m thankful for the grace I have been given as I learn and help where I can. I think serving in Sunday School has been the most challenging for me personally:  I am reminded of ways that we can use everyday opportunities to teach our kids about Christ. It’s always our goal, but sometimes I get to the end of the day and realize I didn’t remind my children to see Jesus in the little things they do or see. It also causes me to take a step back and makes me conscious of how easy it is to give grace to other people’s kids, and that sometimes I’m not as gracious or patient with my own! It’s such a good reminder and has helped to challenge me in my parenting.