What to expect

People always ask us what kind of church we are. That’s almost like asking “What kind of family are you?”  The best answer is from the feedback we receive from the people that have visited us in the past.  They consistently bring up two things that are important.  First, they notice we are committed to teaching and obeying God’s word, and secondly, that we are a warm and friendly community of people. We are a group of people committed to loving God and each other. We are committed to His Word and to following Him as we study and pray and worship together. We see ourselves as becoming more and more steeped in His kind of compassion, endurance and generosity towards each other, with faith that looks forward, encouraging us to live differently and courageously.

As far as meetings go, we enjoy a casual atmosphere in a nontraditional setting. We focus on the reason we gather, not the way we gather. We value the freedom to worship as family and so our families stay together during our worship time. We love hearing the voices of the youngest to the oldest celebrating what God has done for us through music that reflects that joy that we have in Christ.  After our worship time your children (birth-6th grade) will be dismissed to Sunday School.  You will have the opportunity then to make sure your children are well-situated before we come back together for our teaching time.

That’s us! It may seem simple, and it is…in a good way! But if we’ve left something out that you want or need to know, call us at the church office during the week. We invite you to come up to the Grand Ballroom and join us for one of our Sunday services. We’d love to have you as our guest!

Click here for a map to the Ballroom and our service times!